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Under Construction - Caution! Men Working!

Things are happening at The Sprawl! First off, The Sprawl has moved, and second of all, the Mother Ship is under construction. Our front stoop had gotten too wobbly, and our friends who are a little mobility challenged were having trouble navigating the old flagstone walkway.

The wobbly stoop was made more wobbly by the hanging-on-for-dear-life piano movers, and as I watched a friend hoist herself up the steps via the railing, my heart was in my throat. It was bad enough a loved one had face-planted on the walk, but now even the steps moved under people's feet, and the railing moved. It was too terrifying for comfort.

Enter Mary. Mary lives up the block and Mary has a superb contractor, Andy. Tired of my whining, Mary took the bull by the tail and made me face up to it. She sent Andy down to see me.

There will be a Trex deck/porch that extends from the inner border of the left side window to the edge of the wall on the right side of the door. This will have a roof. Stella is thrilled. No more rain running down her collar as she unlocks the front door with bags of groceries!

The steps will go right over the top of that entire brick mess, and there will be a lovely white Trex railing to match the grey decking.

Where you see gravel, the concrete magicians will be pouring cement. There will even be a safer set of steps down to the driveway.

In typical fashion, the concrete guys know other guys, and we will negotiate the rebuilding of the stone walls. With luck maybe we can add 18" of driveway, making it easier to park.

Anyway, we are, indeed under construction. The Sprawl is here at Wix, now, and Stella's Mothership is going to be safer to get in and out of.

Hope to see you Rachel always says, "Watch this space!"

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